Testimonial 1

Thanks to you, Darren, Louie, and David I am SO THANKFUL to have used Weathersby Window. Louis and David are truly a team and very professional. Thank you so much for being a smaller company where customer service is not lost, and empowered in fewer employees where they are each stakeholders in the success, reputation, and consistency of install-quality for your company.

I will NOT hesitate to herald my positive experience and great value you and Darren afforded me. I was very blown away (as I mentioned in the Google review) when Louie called Darren to get the okay to finish the alcoves in some of my windows with drywall vs simply nailing in a trim place to hide the inside seam. The windows inside look like a "new home install". And he called on his own without me asking or knowing what he recommended. Wow!

Again, pass along my sincere thanks to everyone at Weathersby, including your front office receptionist who was articulate, efficient, and knowledgeable every time I called. She too made an indelible mark on my favorable "experience" with Weathersby. And, as my Google review said, I am a "discerning (and yes, demanding) customer" (but I don't consider myself unreasonable) and your company delivered in spades.

Thanks again!

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